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DrivingScene Movie Review: Rush

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DrivingScene Movie Review: Rush

Posted on 19 September 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

Rush Review

Ron Howard’s Rush isn’t out till this weekend, but we’ve grabbed an early premier so that we could tell you – our gentle and attractive readers – whether it is worth your time. Was the famed director capable of truly capturing the intense rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda? Did filming with the actual 1970’s F1 cars make the movie better? Is there life-affirming nudity? We’ll get to all that…

Rush was Ron Howard’s pet project to showcase what the “golden era” of F1 was all about. Loud cars, fast parties, and spectacular crashes were all a part of the racing scene then, and are heavily featured here. Those of us who have only ever seen the perfectly manicured and polished modern version of F1 are unused to imaging racing drivers publicly drinking before a race, routinely talking smack during a press conference, or going up in balls of flames. Oh yeah, that was another huge part of F1 in those days. The cars were basically bombs on wheels, made of thin aluminum and with regard given to driver safety. This fact plays a crucial part in our story as any student of F1 history knows. We won’t ruin anything for you here if you don’t the historical story yet, but suffice to say you really didn’t want to be a driver back then.

So enough stalling – here’s the review:

It was good.

Oh, you want more? If you insist… It’s not as historical as Senna, or gives you as good of an idea of all the players and their personalities. But much like Senna, Rush revolves around the rivalry between 2 men at the top of their performance. Howard does a great job of showcasing the different styles and private lives of Lauda and Hunt, and details what drove each man to risk his life racing around in circles. It was not a great film, or even a great racing film, but a solid one worth seeing for any gearhead who wants to fill in their F1 history a bit. Also, there’s boobies and Chris Hemsworth’s naked butt in the film so whatever your proclivities you should be covered.

Go see it, you’ll enjoy it.


-Adam Kaslikowski

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We Just Bought a Misfit!

Posted on 17 September 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

2013 Misfit

Behold gentle readers, DrivingScene’s new ride/long-term tester/tax write-off. That’s right, we just handed over some bags of cash for a new 2013 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit. Haven’t heard of the Misfit or Cleveland Cyclewerks for that matter? No worries, for you are not alone.

Long-story-short, Cleveland Cyclewerks imports a specially modified version of a Taiwanese recreation of the venerable Honda CB125. These recreations are available from all sorts of brands, but they are all built using the original or licensed tooling from the Honda factory. So it’s a Chinese bike assembled and sold by an American company. Cleveland tweaked theirs a bit to be a cafe-style bike, as well as upgrading the motor to a 250. Still not a big bike, but one many motorcyclists are calling a perfect commuter bike with style.

Cleveland also sells a number of go-faster parts that turn this little runabout into a perfect sleeper. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve sprung for just about all of them. We’ll be getting a completely custom Misfit built by the talented hands over at Vegas Cyclewerks and our very fresh paint job is being handled by the incomparable Old Skool Kustom Painting out of Ohio. You know we only work with the best, so that means this build is going to be a cross-country affair. Once you see the final product, you’ll it was worth it.

Currently the bike is waiting for us to pick it up at a loading dock, then it goes straight into Vegas Cyclewerks’ hands for tuning. 2 weeks later, the riding begins. Check back here often for build updates and in-progress pictures, then a detailed review and spread.
We can’t wait, we hope you can’t either.

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