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Learn How To Change Your Brakes In 9 Minutes, Be Inspired In Less Than 1

Posted on 12 October 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

Above you will find a video that is both educational and humbling. The star of this video, Matt, heard some disturbing noises from his rear brakes and decided to take a quick look at them. He also chose to document the whole process and teach the people of YouTube how to do this for themselves. One more thing: He has no arms. Yes, Matt gives us a step by step walk-through of changing your brake pads using nothing but his feat and his indomitable will.

My favorite part about this video is that it makes a brake job less intimidating to those who haven’t done it before. What better way to show that anyone can do this with access to the common proper tools. And for those who already feel comfortable changing their brakes, feel free to take this video as a challenge. Also, I’m sure this qualifies as porn for the rare foot loving machine fetishist – I know you’re out there somewhere.

Our star, Matt Stutzman has his own website here. As if taking better care of his car than the majority of the population wasn’t enough, Matt is also an Archery para-Olympian who is hoping to win big in the summer London games next year. And he likes bungie jumping and shooting hand (foot?) guns.