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Lincoln Ad Makes Us Believe

Posted on 04 December 2012 by Adam Kaslikowski

There are Ads, and then there are ADS. This is the latter. Lincoln has just come out with a “reintroduction” video for the brand, which we are apparently also now calling the Lincoln Motor Company. I like it – both the name and the video. While the odds of management being able to turn Lincoln around are still long, I’ll cautiously take this little cinematic treat as a good start.

The video starts with a quick shot of the MKZ, then shuttles you images of the brand’s classic cars, before bringing you back to the MKZ. This makes sense as a lot of the brand is resting on the MKZ for the short term. The video is heavy on nostalgia and emotion, and we’ll admit it worked on us. Go ahead and watch it above, just don’t blame us if you feel like conquering the world afterward.

– Adam Kaslikowski