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Review: 2012 GMC Terrain - DrivingScene

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Review: 2012 GMC Terrain

Posted on 06 December 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

Last Saturday I was out driving around and thinking to myself about famous cars. Of course Herbie, The General Lee, and Doc Brown’s DeLorean all came to mind, but one car in particular kept springing up in my head. It was KITT from Knight Rider, an old ’82 Pontiac Firebird. Why is so KITT cool? I asked myself if they were to make a decent remake these shows today, what car would be KITT?  I choose to pretend that the half-assed “New Knight Rider” starring a horribly accessorized Mustang (http://www.nbc.com/Knight_Rider/) never happened. This is the only way I can sleep at night. So looking for something to test drive that day, I was off to go find myself a new KITT.

Of course all of the newly revamped sports cars came to mind: Camaro SS (perhaps with a Firebreather kit?), Challenger, the CTS Coupe, even the GT-R would make a good talking sidekick car. But what made the original car so special was all the toys and how electronically advanced it was.  It was a car like none other, so that’s what I needed to find. It would have to be different and stand out, it had to be able to perform and handle well while still having all of the latest and greatest toys on the inside.  That was when I realized a car is not the answer; all of the new cars have the same bells and whistles on the inside. These are all great cars, but a little too similar to each other to stand out and strike fear into the underworld. Then low and behold the answer pulled up next to me at the stop light.

A soccer mom (moderately hot if you must know) rolling deep in her Champagne colored SUV packed with 4 kids holding toys, food, and juice boxes all watching their favorite DVD, probably with groceries in the back too. That’s it! The modern SUV does it all. It can perform off the line, it handles pretty well, and has every button, widget, gizmo, light, bell, and exterior camera you could want.  And it even gives you a comfortable ride without being crammed into a little low riding coupe. Let’s face it, David Hassellhoff isn’t nearly as limber as he used to be and would now prefer driving a LazyBoy on wheels over a low slung sports car.

I headed out to a local mega-dealership that sells 70 million different car brands and had a look around their stable of SUVs. Nothing was really fitting the KITT bill until I test drove the 2012 GMC Terrain. Driving the Terrain, I was very impressed with its handling and how smooth and quiet the ride was.  Sure it can’t do a quarter mile in 7 seconds but let’s be honest, if the new Knight Rider show is taking place in any major city there is going to be traffic – really bad traffic.  We all know the best way to get through traffic is the carpool lane, and nothing says carpool lane like the GMC Terrain.  It has an ample amount of leg room for all of your passengers and if you need more just slide the back seat to give yourself an extra 8 inches.  One of the coolest features about KITT was that it was a talking car.  But we all know that in the 80’s there was no such thing as a talking car, it was some guy on a microphone.  David Hassellhoff eat your heart out, because the Terrain actually is a car that talks, thanks to the power of OnStar coming as standard.

So when everything is being upgraded, redone, and remade I say why not bring back some of the classic car TV shows with a new modern twist.  KITT was a sleek, adrenaline filled car that was too smart for its own good, and needs to be upgraded and redone to a classier more modern version with the Terrain.  Doing this would exorcise the demons of the dry-heave worthy reboot. This soccer mom, kid toting mini Chuck-e-Cheese on wheels is just what we need for a new iconic car image.

-Brad Robertson