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SEMA: Day 2

Posted on 02 November 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

Day 2 of the aftermarket super show is in the can and today we’ve taken a peak at the future. Highlights of the day include digital dashboards, tornado-proof cars, and a laser heads up display that can project images onto the entire windshield. But all is not milk and honey in the land of Auto, however. Lowlights include a Segway with tank treads, a golf bag carrier for motorcycles, and Chinese electric scooters with windshields and a roof.
Local Motors kicked off the day showing off their crowd-source designed Rally Fighter, their “build it yourself” factory, and their new CAD software available to anyone for download off their site. From there it was a day dominated by trucks (as you’ll see in the gallery after the link), both scrapping the ground and lifted well past any sense of sanity. Tomorrow, on to the cars!

-Adam Kaslikowski