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Our Custom Misfit is Done!

Posted on 06 November 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

custom misfit build teaser

Ladies and gentlemen, the DrivingScene Misfit has been torn down, modified, chopped, welded, rebuilt, tuned, and tested. She has been primed, painted, and polished. The hard work is done, now we just need to reassemble. And of course RIDE. You can also read about our Misfit purchase, and our custom build update, and we’ll be “unveiling” the finished build here just as soon as we take some purtty pictures for y’all.

We could not have done this fantastic custom Misfit build without the hard work and keen eyes of Vegas Cyclewerks and Old Skool Kustom Painting. Both these shops have done great work, and done so under tight time limits. Have a beer for them, and look out for our full reveal and in-depth review of our custom 2014 Cleveland Misfit custom cafe racer. Cheers.

– Adam Kaslikowski

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Custom Misfit Build Update

Posted on 09 October 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

2014 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit Custom Build on Lift

Our custom Misfit build, which we’ve named The Wolf, is progressing along nicely so we thought we’d give all you loyal readers an update. The bike is currently out in Ohio getting expertly painted by Old Skool Kustom Painting, and if you look through their past work you’ll see that the DrivingScene Misfit is going to turn out all kinds of sexy.

While all the tins are off, John over at Vegas Cyclewerks has been more than busy making sure our bike is the fastest Misfit around. To that noble end, we’ve installed a brand new racing head, a totally new carb with enough flow to make the Mississippi look tame, and created a custom stainless steel “trumpet” exhaust to improve performance as well as get that classic cafe racer look. While we’re on the topics of looks, we’ve also wrapped the exhaust pipe (not shown, obviously) in WHITE! and crafted a totally custom seat that will have a much lower profile while still retaining Cleveland Cyclewerks amazingly useful detachable cowl. On or off, the seat looks great.

The bike has also been on a bit of a diet. Already a featherweight compared to the old Kawasaki KZ650, we’ve opted to delete the side covers, relocate the electronics, and upgrade the battery to a unit about 1/4 the size of stock. This little wonder battery provides the same level of juice, and is about the size of your fist. That will be hidden below the seat to still allow for electronic starting. With the sidepods gone and a clear view through the bike, The Wolf is going to look properly cafe.

Lastly, the emissions control piping was scrapped and the bike went on the dyno to test what all our mods achieved. The dyno chart was easily on the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve always ignored these graphics out of both confusion and indifference. They were strange and boring. But when it is our bike? Oh man have I spent long chunks of time just gazing into the graph like it was a magic eye poster or something. And what I saw made daddy happy. Here’s our improvements, blue line is stock, red line is after Vegas Cyclewerks:

Custom Misfit Build Dyno Results

As you can see, a great improvement. More of everything, smoother lines, and stable air/fuel mix. We. Are. Pumped. Check back here often to see how the build is progressing. Next stop, paint shop!
– Adam Kaslikowski

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