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What Is The Worst State To Drive Through?

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What Is The Worst State To Drive Through?

Posted on 21 January 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

The Worst State To Drive Through

Gentle readers, I have traveled across this great country and seen its sights. I have driven to and fro through the rust belt, across the South, and over the Rocky Mountains. From deserts to rich plains, ocean to ocean I have experienced what driving through this land has to offer. With this wealth of experience, I feel it is only right that I share with you which state, as a whole, is the worst to drive through. I do this so that you can aggressively avoid it as I do now.

What makes a state a bad drive? I would not say the curviness or straightness of the road, for both offer their own delights. I would also not say that being a arid desert disqualifies a state, as ripping through Death Valley, the Mojave, or the Bonneville Salt Flats are some of the most memorable driving experiences I have. So what is it that is needed to stay in a driver’s good graces? In a word – Interest.

The land needs something of interest to keep the mind occupied. It could be an ugly road full of tight turns and switchbacks. that could be interesting. It could be a perfectly flat and straight road through country so beautiful you mind flies over it to soak in the grandeur. My playlist collection can do only so much, I need something, anything to keep  my interest.

Interest is what Wyoming lacks, in every sense of the word. Driving through this western state is akin to traveling through a grey and white dystopia from an apocalyptic future. There is just NOTHING of any kind of interest. Beautiful nature that makes you realize how small in the universe your life is? Nope. Just flat grey dirt pocked by a few dead scrub brushes. Winding technical roads that allow you to explore your car’s limits. Nadda. Long, flat, and straight – yet always too busy to try for a top speed run (however inadvisable and illegal that is on ANY public road). Well how about a thriving culture that begs you to stop and experience a different way of life? Ha. No one lives in Wyoming, or at least not 90% of Wyoming. Does the state at least have any odd-ball American artifacts like the world’s largest rubber-band collection? Not that I know of or have ever seen roadside.

The major exception to all of this is the Grand Teton National Park.  If you’ve never been, the park is a place of unrivaled beauty and spectacle. However, that North-Western corner of Wyoming is not generally driven through – it is a destination in of itself. To drive THROUGH Wyoming, you are left with two major interstates. Cutting across the state is I-80, and running up and down the state is I-25. Along either of these routes, there is a just a whole lot of nothing.

I’ve driven both interstate through Wyoming many times, and I can certainly tell you that there is nothing to look at, think about, or visit. Kentucky has rolling grass hills while Montana truly is big sky country. California has the PCH and vineyards, and Texas has clear expanses of desert beauty that allow your mind to wander to new planes. This country of ours offers limitless natural and man-made beauty to travel along, but Wyoming contains none of it.  It is by far the worst state to drive through.

– Adam Kaslikowski

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What I Learned From Getting Hit By A Car

Posted on 29 November 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

My back hurts, I’m lying on the ground, and I’m re-evaluating some of my recent life choices. I’ve just been hit by a car. I’ve actually been hit 4 or 5 times now. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact amount, I know it’s terribly unprofessional of me. Hit the jump to see how this went down…

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The Camry Effect Is Ineffectual

Posted on 01 October 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

Toyota launched something called The Camry Effect on Sept. 14 in an effort to drum up awareness for the all  new 2012 Camry. The idea was to have current and past Camry owners chime in on a special website (http://www.toyota.com/camryeffect) and share their stories of first dates, road trips, and memorable moments with the world.

The problem with this, of course, is that Camrys are bought by people who don’t care about cars. They wanted an appliance that got them from point A to point B without them needing to check the oil or get dirty. How often do you check Whirlpool’s website hoping for a chance to profess your love for your washing machine? So why would Camry owners suddenly be filled with enough emotion about their cars to fill out Toyota’s survey and tell their stories? Well, they haven’t been.

According to their own website, 6.8 million drivers have been “changed by the Camry effect.”That is a deeply impressive number, yet at the time I am writing this (Oct. 1st), only 4476 people have volunteered their stories. This miserable percentage of respondents has resulted in such hilarious “findings’ as there only being 54 Camrys (out of almost 7 million) with a custom paint job. I’m sure there are more than 54 Camrys with custom paint in Southern California alone. Their statistics are so skewed from this in fact that the sites proudly declares that only 16 people have owned their Camry for more than 5 years. Clearly, they were expecting a much bigger turnout or they wouldn’t be touting a figure that so blatantly goes in the face of what Toyotas are known for: staying on the road longer than the Grateful Dead.

I’m not going to ask for a Supra Effect (although that would be awesome), but what I will ask for is that Toyota’s PR dept. think through their promotions a little more carefully. Obviously, instilling the kind of feelings necessary to drive present and former customers to share their product stories does not exist for cars that evoke about as much emotion as my refrigerator. No one is passionate about their Camry. And no one should be.

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Car Olympics Anyone?

Posted on 26 September 2011 by Adam Kaslikowski

BMW Olympic CarBy Adam Kaslikowski


There should be an automotive olympics. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that. When the Olympics were invented sometime in 776 BC, I’m betting that the only reason they wanted to see who could run the fastest was because the car hadn’t been invented yet. Maybe they set up the whole event in anticipation of the day when giant robots would be ferrying us around and keeping our togas clean. Well that day is here, so it’s time to stop watching Kenyans in spandex jump into a sandbox and start watching Ferraris drop the clutch at 5,000 rpm. Best of all, in the car olympics there is no segregation by sex! These are equal opportunity sports, where the only thing that matters is talent. I’m exited about this idea. Hit the jump to see a breakdown of the events I had in mind…

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