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The Greatest Car Ever - DrivingScene

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The Greatest Car Ever

Posted on 15 January 2012 by Adam Kaslikowski

What we have here is the best car in the world. Don’t be skeptical, follow me here – the car you see above ticks all the boxes for the enthusiast searching for their next ride. There are 7 simple reasons why you should lust after this car. 1st of all, it’s a wagon. Wagons pack all the cargo capacity of a truck/van but still have the road hugging manners of a sedan. The perfect marriage of form and function. Secondly, it’s a tuned Audi which is one of english’s most perfect sentences ever. The stock 2.0 turbo has a chipped ECU and an upgraded intake and exhaust system. I can tell you from firsthand experience that the exhaust note is aggressive without becoming overbearing at speed.

The 3rd reason is that this is a Quattro wagon. Audi’s industry leading 4 wheel drive system helps keep this sleeper on the road and ahead of the pack. Onward to the fourth reason – it’s a 6-speed manual. ‘Nuff said. The long list of amenities such as the cold weather package and sunroof round out the 5th reason why you want it. Number 6? It’s used, meaning some other sucker has already taken the depreciation hit and we all know that buying a new car is a sucker’s bet. The seventh and final reason why it’s so great – it’s for sale*, meaning you can park this in your driveway and point everyone to this post as to why you bought it. You wouldn’t be wrong to do it either, after all I have just laid out a pretty convincing argument. Browse through the gallery below to get to know this beast a little better, then follow this link* to make her yours. Leave a comment if you agree/disagree/like pie.

– Adam Kaslikowski

*Some lucky person was recently inspired by this post and has purchased the Bavarian beast. Better luck next time.