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The Zombie Apocalypse Porsche 911

Posted on 16 January 2013 by Adam Kaslikowski

 Zombie Apocolypse Porsche 911

Is this or is this not the the coolest Porsche 911 you’ve ever seen? The answer (to both) is YES. I love this thing, in a horrified kind of way. It’s the little details that ensure you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse. Rope? Check. Pickaxe? Check. Winch and nobby tires? Check and check. And if my eyes don’t deceive me, it would appear to be slightly lifted. From the matte olive paint job to the extra headlights, this beast is ready for a rumble.

I think we need to start a petition that all new apocalyptic movies need to include a hardened sports car like this. How much better would 2012 have been if John Cusack had been driving an RX-7 with a gun-turret? Or imagine a monster truck Lambo in Zombieland. Let’s make this happen.

Very little is known about the providence of this build or what motivated it, but to whoever put in the time – WELL DONE. Because Porsche saw fit to take 911’s rallying in the 70’s, we know they work off-road just as well as on. I’m starting to dream of a garage full of nothing but customized 911s. From your basic 2.7RS Clone to a 911 Rat Rod to this thing. My dreams are starting to get expensive, and apocalyptic.

Source: Flat Sixes