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There's Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here! - DrivingScene

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There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here!

Posted on 23 August 2012 by Adam Kaslikowski

Those of you who follow DrivingScene regularly will know that we just relocated to LA to explore the deep and varied 31 flavors of car culture here. Those of you who are new here, welcome! Take your coat off, stay awhile. How are you? Oh yeah? Good. That’s really…what? Oh, that’s too bad. I’m sure it will turn around though. She did?!?! Hahaha, that’s hilarious. Alright well…I really gotta get back to this now.

Anyway, California is well known for its storied driving roads – from Hollywood vistas to the Pacific Coast Highway. Whether you’re looking for high-speed canyon carving or a relaxing cruise through ritzy neighborhoods, Cali has got you covered. Desert to redwoods, ocean to cities it’s all here. We have taken it upon ourselves to explore and document as many of these routes as possible in the short life we auto journalists have. We’re going to use every test drive as an opportunity to try out a new canyon route or scenic drive and report back to you whether it was good, bad, or just plain ugly.

We’re also introducing a new feature to our vehicle reviews called “soundtrack.” This will include whichever song/album/playlist perfectly fits with whatever vehicle we’re hooning that week. Just imagine the sheer rightness of listening to AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells while climbing into a Hummer H2 and you get the idea. It just fits. We’ll be including this in our all our car reviews going forward, and encourage you to respond in our comments section with more songs that you think fit a particular automobile. That’s all for now, go forth and happy driving.