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Vinny App Will Tell You The Wholesale Price For Your Vehicle

Posted on 12 November 2012 by Adam Kaslikowski

A new app in the iTunes store promises to give you the upper hand the next time you plan on selling or buying a car. Vinny wants to be “your buddy in the used car business” by removing the information gap between consumers and dealers. The app was created by a team who recently had trouble buying a used car, and decided to fix the problem for themselves and others.

The process goes like this: You scan the VIN barcode in the driver’s door frame with Vinny and the app pulls up the wholesale price (within 5%) allowing you to “negotiate with confidence.” Vinny claims to be on the side of consumer and promises to never sell user data. On top of the free wholesale price, Vinny will also let you purchase a vehicle history report while within the app. Their goal is to replace the CARFAX and Kelly Blue Books of the world by remaining consumer-centric rather than dealer focused.

Best of all? It’s free. Download it, give it whirl, and tell us what you think in the comments below. Even if you’re not planning on selling your current vehicle, you can at least know exactly what it’s worth the next time someone calls it a piece of junk.

– Adam Kaslikowski