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Where’s My Steampunk Car?

Posted on 05 January 2012 by Adam Kaslikowski

80% there, but where's the brass and piping?

I love steampunk. If I had the time/patience/money/skill I would make my own steampunk laptop. But alas, I have none of those things. And so, I am left staring at the efforts of others and pining. Toys, goggles, keyboards, guns, the variety is astounding. What I haven’t been able to find, however, is a steampunk car. There are a few Vespas out there, but no one has tackled a car yet? Por que? I get that it would be a huge undertaking, but how is that any different from scrounging the dump or metal recyclers for spare bits of brass? I want my steampunk car, and I want it now. If you’ve got examples, leave a link in the comments section!

-Adam Kaslikowski